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The Family Pages are a place for friends and family to browse to see whats going on with us. Buddy (the dog) has created his own web page and we have set up pages for our nephew Owen and neice Sarah. Owen is Donna's sister's grandson and Sarah is J.B.'s brothers daughter.

The purpose of this web page is for family and friends (especially those far away) to see us, see our place, our dog, our garden etc. and otherwise keep tabs on us and our activities.

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- Family News -


We had a great Independence Day holiday. We spent most of it at the pool but we also had a nice cookout on Tuesday (the 4th) at Dan's Mountain State Park. We also went to the fireworks in Lonaconing on the 3rd (Donna's birthday). Donna shares her birthday with our neice Sarah Grace Churchill. We helped Sarah celebrate last weekend.

photo of the new deck Perhaps our biggest news right now is that we went ahead and started building a deck. We contacted the guy (Ron) who built our neighbor's deck. Here it is after day 2.

The debut of this page was outdated and was a slightly different mark-up of a similar page that I'd put on a server at work. I hope to update these pages twice a month so check back again in awhile. I added the ability to subscribe to updates through e-mail. Just use the “Subscribe” link in the section on the left.

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