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The Family Pages are a place for friends and family to browse to see whats going on with us. Buddy (the dog) has created his own web page and we have set up pages for our nephew Owen and neice Sarah. Owen is Donna's sister's grandson and Sarah is J.B.'s brothers daughter.

The purpose of this web page is for family and friends (especially those far away) to see us, see our place, our dog, our garden etc. and otherwise keep tabs on us and our activities.

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- Family News -


This time I don't have much in the way of a photo essay but I'm working on one for the main page telling all about the trip Donna and I took to Annapolis. Thats the part of the weekend that I have photos for anyway. You see I went home for my 25th High School reunion that was held October 21st. My long-time friend Tim Bram called me out to go to this thing and we had a good time getting caught up. We were both pretty disappointed with the turnout from locals. I talked with a girl I knew from my music class who flew in all the way from Seattle, Washington. My next-door neighbor Tim Brinsko came all the way up from Tampa, Florida. It was good to talk with him too. I was hoping to see more of the folks that I associated with in school. Before the reunion, Donna and I went to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and the next day we went to the State Capital (photos sometime soon).

Now for the bad news. We went out for dinner this evening and our car was attacked by a deer. I caught a glimpse just a second or so too late and tried to swerve off onto the shoulder as the creature smacked into the back panel just above the rear wheel on the driver's side. There's a nice big dent but fortunately it appears to be isolated in the one panel. I was a little bit pouty at dinner but in reality It could have been a lot worse.

I've posted some photos of Sarah's birthday party and a recent visit with Sarah, Seth, and Charlotte. I also posted some photos of Buddy helping out with the laundry.

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