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The Family Pages are a place for friends and family to browse to see whats going on with us. Buddy (the dog) has created his own web page and we have set up pages for our nephew Owen and neice Sarah. Owen is Donna's sister's grandson and Sarah is J.B.'s brothers daughter.

The purpose of this web page is for family and friends (especially those far away) to see us, see our place, our dog, our garden etc. and otherwise keep tabs on us and our activities.

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- Family News -


Talkin bout the Weather

Hey, Hi, and Hello !
Time for a family update. Lets start with the weather (isn't that what we all talk about ?). It isn't exactly Parish, NY but Frostburg, MD often does get at least a little bit of snow. We even got a couple of chances to get out the snow blower. Here we are taking turns clearing a path through the yard to the bird feeders. The snow starts to pile up near the porch. J.B. got 2 days off but Donna had to go out driving in it. Yuck !

Snow Blower photo Snow Blower photo Snow Blower photo Snow photo

Spreadin it on Thick

We discovered today that we had three jars of the tainted peanut butter (Peter Pan 2111) in the cupboard. We had both eaten a bit of it recently. Psychosomatic symptoms ensued but I think we are actually both OK.

Other Family News

The other Churchills (Seth and Charlotte) have the most and best family news. They have their 2nd baby on the way and they are moving to a new house. A big Congrats to them !!!