Family Pages

J.B. Churchill's Personal Website

The Family Pages are a place for friends and family to browse to see whats going on with us. Buddy (the dog) has created his own web page and we have set up pages for our nephew Owen and neice Sarah. Owen is Donna's sister's grandson and Sarah is J.B.'s brothers daughter.

The purpose of this web page is for family and friends (especially those far away) to see us, see our place, our dog, our garden etc. and otherwise keep tabs on us and our activities.

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Spring Things

Birding, Gardening, and all that fun stuff. Its a wonderful time of year when the temperatures are comfortable, flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing (and nesting). We had a successful brood of White-breasted Nuthatches in a bird house that we put up in the yard. We also discovered a nest hole in a tree where a pair of Northern Flickers is raising young. Of course we also have nesting American Robins.

J.B. is again involved in GIS workshops this year. One in Montgomery County, Maryland and another at the lab in Frostburg. These keep him busy for much of June and July but the preparations begin way before that. Donna is also busy with her involvement with the Barton High School Alumni Association. The annual dinner is happening this Memorial Day weekend and there's lots for her to do.

Buddy has updated his web page. He is so prolific (I'm very proud). There is a new movie (movie 7 (avi); movie 7 (qt)) of him playing with his squeeky soccer ball. The movies take a little while to load so be patient. We've had Buddy a little over 2 years now and he's about 2 and a half years old.

More Texas Photos

Downtown Houston, Souvenir store near Padre Island and a close-up of the same store.
Downtown Houston Souvenir Store Souvenir Store
Cows, a Garter Snake and a trip to the Churchill Grocery Store.
Cows Garter Snake Churchill Grocery