Family Pages

J.B. Churchill's Personal Website

The Family Pages are a place for friends and family to browse to see whats going on with us. Buddy (the dog) has created his own web page and we have set up pages for our nephew Owen and neice Sarah. Owen is Donna's sister's grandson and Sarah is J.B.'s brothers daughter.

The purpose of this web page is for family and friends (especially those far away) to see us, see our place, our dog, our garden etc. and otherwise keep tabs on us and our activities.

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Andrea's 5K Memorial Run & Walk & Barton Days Party in the Park

The 2nd Annual 5K run was a success again. Many more pictures from the run can be found linked to from the Queen City Striders website. Holly won 2nd place in her age class and Sarah placed first in the walk.

Donna's sister Holly running in the race (closest of the two) ... Butch, Sarah and Owen at the awards ceremony, and the whole gang at the Party in the Park.

Holly Running Butch, Owen and Sarah Party in the Park Party in the Park

Fall Decorations

Donna is at it again with the Fall decorations.

The Pumpkin Family and Buddy with assorted decorations.
The Pumpkin Family The Pumpkin Family The Pumpkin Family and Buddy Decorations and Buddy
Decorations and Buddy Decorations and Buddy Decorations and Buddy
Compare with Last Years Decorations